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chan_dongle is an Asterisk channel driver for Huawei UMTS/3G USB modems (dongles). At this moment, the supported features are:

  • Voice calls in both direction
  • Dialing by modem name, IMEI, IMSI prefix, group, provider name (round robin or first free)
  • Call waiting
  • Call holding
  • GSM Conference (multiparty) call
  • Send SMS from CLI, asterisk manager and dialplan with GSM/ISO8859_1/UCS-2 charsets
  • Send multipart SMS (custom version)
  • Send PDU from CLI, and asterisk manager
  • Receive SMS (GSM/ISO8859_1/UCS-2 charsets and multiline included)
  • Send USSD
  • Receive USSD (latin charset and multiline included)
  • Send DTMF (excluding A,B,C,D letters not supported by Huawei)
  • Receive DTMF
  • Watchgods for “Dialing”, “SMS”, “Not connected” states with USB power control (custom version)
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