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How to unlock Huawei modems?

Modems are often bought from mobile operators and maybe have lock to prevent using SIM cards from other operators.

If you do not plan to use SIM cards from other operators, skip this section.

You have different ways to unlock:

  1. Unlock code using free calculators, help from people on other forums or buy code online.
    Once you have the code, enter to modem manually with programs like putty, terminal or minicom and use AT^CARDLOCK=“< code >” command
  2. Using tools like dc-unlocker or other similar tool

Unlock tools: Huawei unlock

Free Calculators:

Update firmware

The main source of firmware files are in dc-files. You can browse for your model and download firmware update (normally zip containing .exe file). For update, need windows computer (xp, vista or w7). The process is very straightforward, only execute exe file and follow indications.

Some models need unlock code to flash firmware. You can use unlock huawei tools for that.

After upgrade process, run dc-unlocker client to check if voice is enabled.

How to activate voice on Huawei modems?

There is a lot of different models from Huawei vendor. Primarly, they are used for data connection to internet, but some of them are voice capable. This means, that you can make calls with the right software. Some telcos include this piece of software, but, in any case, you can use Mobile Partner for that purpose in Windows systems. Only need to upgrade firmware and install tool.

To know if your dongle supports voice, you can use two methods:

  1. Dc-Unlocker software
    Download latest version (only for windows) and check if your modem is voice capable or not. If supported, you can pay some money and activate automatically.
  2. Find DDSETEX and CVOICE chains
    Go to and download any stable firmware for your model. Firmware is .exe file, so you must edit (use any text editor like notepad or nano) and look for ^DDSETEX and ^CVOICE chains. If found, that means your modem is voice capable. The final step is to check if voice is enabled. A good solution is to use dc-unlocker client for that purpose.

Models k3520, e169, k3765 and k3715 have voice enabled if you upgrade firmware. E1750 needs dc-unlocker voice activation.

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